Dr. Viola Morolo

Dr Viola Morolo


Consultant Urologist


Dr. Viola Morolo is a specialist Urologist, a fellow of the college of Urologists of South Africa who completed her Urology MMed with the University of Pretoria. She is currently working at Steve Biko Academic Hospital.

After completing her undergraduate degree in medicine and surgery at MEDUNSA, Dr. Morolo practised in the field of HIV/AIDS. Her work in this field involved, inter alia, being part of a team at National level that focused on the development of HIV/AIDS prevention strategies, treating patients with AIDS using antiretroviral (ARV) drugs and pioneering clinical research on ARV drugs.

Following the gaining of knowledge and skills developed in the field of HIV/AIDS, Dr. Morolo turned her attention to the field of Occupational Health and completed a Diploma in Occupational Health and Medicine with the University of Pretoria. It was while practising in the field of occupational health that her interest in Urology was intensified, due to the significant numbers of patients she assessed that presented with urological conditions, in particular possible urological cancers. One of the biggest challenges compounding the management of patients with urological cancers is late presentation, which is further complicated by HIV/AIDS. The annual medical examinations required in this field provide an opportunity to identify risk factors for medical conditions before they manifest.

It is Dr. Morolo’s intention to comprehensively utilise her skills sets in the field of Urology, Occupational Health and HIV/AIDS to identify opportunities for the early detection of urological cancers by streamlining occupational health services with those of Urology.


I have a keen interest in uro-physiology, I am fascinated by the intricate systems at play to maintain the normal function of the human body. Cancer biology demonstrates how cancer cells utilise the same physiological survival mechanisms that normal cells use to survive and ultimately beat the normal cell physiology at its own game. Prostate cancer and Renal Cell Carcinoma are good examples of this.